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Since October of 1986, We started out as a knitting machine shop. In 1990, we grew into a knitting & stitchery shop. Our shop is located in Centre Village Mall in Lethbridge.

Our staff is kept busy, helping customers find and choose from a great selection of yarns, crochet cottons, and stitchery products. New products continually arrive and our customers come back often as not to miss out on new products.

Our staff are professionals at knitting, machine and hand, crocheting, and cross stitching. We have lessons in knitting and crocheting and look forward to offering other classes in the future.



Learn the basics - visit out LESSONS page.



Our staff will go to great lengths to make sure you understand and are enjoying the class. We even throw in some laughter, some camaraderie, and the time flies by way too fast. We even break out the rooibos tea! - visit out LESSONS page.



Framing is the art of making a stitchery piece finished and being able to hang on your wall.

Your piece is as good as your framing. It should always appear to enhance your work and not take over. After all it is your work that needs to be shown off.



We are thrilled so many had a great time at the last 2 events and that they were enjoyed by so many. Stay tuned for our upcoming events.


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International Back to Back Wool challenge in May 2014 - We came in fourth in the world!!


Groenewond Netherlands/Germany Swalmen, The Netherlands 5 hr 26 min 31 sec 5 hr 32 min 37 sec.



Spinning Knitwits-Newcastle, Patterson, NSW, Australia 6 hr 6 min 37 sec 5hr 43min 26sec 2004.


Kurrajong Handspun Crafts, Mt. Tomah NSW, Australia 8 hr 5 min 45 sec 6hr 34min 19sec 2007.


Poly Westers, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada 8 hr 40 - Sponsored by Knitting Time 8hr 35min 27sec 2013.